Introducing emgen.io

emgen.io is a tiny site which allows people to enter the address of someone they wish to email, and get a random email address back. With that email address they can then anonymously* email their intended recipient with all database and email records deleted immediately.

Before I go any further I need to credit Gregory Plumlee one of my best mates, who gave me the initial idea for emgen and helped talk it through to the idea it is today.

Back to emgen. Here's how we came up with the name. Unique EMail GENeration. Pretty simple hey?

Now, the thought behind emgen is to easily enable anything from whistleblowing to obfuscating your email for a website you don't trust.

Here's some use cases in story form:


Jono is part of GLS, a global pharmaceutical conglomerate. He's fairly low down as far as the food chain is concerned, but his job title makes him privy to some of the more secretive works that the company engages in. Normally this doesn't concern him, as this mostly involves trade secrets. Jono's a happy man.

However, today he was called into a departmental meeting where he was required to be present for a review of a trial for the experimental seizure drug called eixiom.

He's learnt as a result that GLS has (off the books) partnered with some rebel factions in the Philipines to do illegal testing on abducted natives. Jono is horrified that the company has willingingly engaged in these sorts of practices and feels he cannot stand by and do nothing.

Unfortunately Jono know's that GLS is a huge company and he was just a leaf in the wind so anything he said could be turned on him, and ultimately he could loose the job he's been in for 15 years.

Jono decides to get the email address of his local news outlett and use emgen to anonymously send them any details he can get his hands on to stop the illegal practices.

Jono places the email into emgen, and gets his unique emgen email back. He types up his email, being careful not to put his name or personal details in it, adds any relevant attachments and finally sends the email off.

5 minutes later, his local news station recieves news of the story and begins their investigation.

Emgen has done its job.


Peter is a bit of a fanatic when it comes to his email inbox. He absolutely abhors unsolicited email and when it comes in, he has to pull the stress ball he got from the last company he worked with as a token of their appreciate of the work he used to do. Peter loves his stress ball.

Peter happens to also be a bit of a dabbler in the music field and recently purchased a lovely launchpad mini from his local tech store. He'd been searching around on the weekend to find some samples to play with so he could get used to it when he came across launchpad-pro.com. Unfortunately as awesome as the site looked, they required Peter to enter his email address to download the free samples. Peter wasn't happy.

Then Peter remembered he'd seen emgen.io on reddit and thought maybe this was a good opportunity to try it out. Peter enters his own email into emgen and it produces an emgen random email.

Now he enters the unique email into the launchpad-pro site and gets the single email back, the confirmation email. Now that he's confirmed he can download all he like, and he will never receive an email from launchpad-pro again.


As you can see emgen is super useful and will get better as I add more features to it. Enjoy!

* anonymouslyish. I'm working out some issues with mandrill and once they're sorted it will be for all intents and purposes anonymous.
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