Cloudpipes & their ace customer service.

Recently at Dev Demand Co., we've been working with Cloudpipes to get our gitlab repos hooked into trello.

We took a look and unfortunately Cloudpipes couldn't handle what we wanted to do with it. That's not where this story ends though...

After our trial expired I was sent an email by one of the team at Cloudpipes asking what would make Cloudpipes great, we responded by saying that we wanted a commit trigger from Gitlab. BOOM. Got a reply nearly straight away and then 2 weeks later they announced that they'd released the feature.

Seriously, how many other companies can claim that amount of dedication to their clients?

It gets better! We realised that somehow we still couldn't do what we needed and we let them know exactly what we were trying to do. The next day they had implemented the features and changes necessary to make what we wanted happen. THE NEXT DAY.

So I cannot rave enough about the Cloudpipes team, the platform and just how awesome everything about them is. Please do yourself a favour and check Cloudpipes out and chat with the team.

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