Author: Daniel J Holmes

Git: Marking a file as executable

Recently I've moved to windows as my main development platform and have been learning all the joy that comes with it. I'll be doing a blog post series soon on how to move from a *nix environment to windows 10 soon but in the meantime

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Rethinkdb upsert with arbitrary value

This is a quick late night post to document one of the things I searched for a few hours on the goog for. From Mongo's Upsert to Rethink The first thing you might be here to know is how you can do something like MongoDb's

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Cloudpipes & their ace customer service.

Recently at Dev Demand Co., we've been working with Cloudpipes to get our gitlab repos hooked into trello. We took a look and unfortunately Cloudpipes couldn't handle what we wanted to do with it. That's not where this story ends though... After our trial expired

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webkit + forks be warned

This is just a quick post to alert you to an interesting edge case I came across, while creating one of my next small products like It's a bug I've confirmed effects the latest version of both safari and chrome and I assume

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React + Redux - Simplified

Ok, so if you're like me you might have taken a long time to come to grips with the whole Redux paradigm and how it works with React. TL;DR: I explain React and Redux simply in terms you might find easier to understand and

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